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GURPS BioTech Fairy

by Lone Wolf
One set of stats for gene-gineered fairies coming up.

Fairy (TL 12)

Attributes: ST -6 (-50), DX +2 (20), and IQ -3 (-20).
Racial Advantages: Decreased Life Support (10), Winged Flight (30), Rapid Healing (5), Hard to Kill-1 (5), Universal Digestion (15) and Unaging (15).
Disadvantages: Gluttony (-5), Reduced Hit Points/8 (-40), Distractable (-1), Impulsiveness (-10), Mild Shyness (-5), Very Curious (-15), and Light Sleeper (-5).
Features: Miniature (1/4-scale). After calculating height and weight based on ST, multiply height by 1/4 and weight by 1/64. Normally has 16 meals a day, but each is only 1/64 as large as a human meal.
Taboo traits: genetic defects, unattractiveness.
Racial Cost: -51

The fairies are best described as miniature humans with large parrot wings. Most start out as being no more intelligent than smart animals, and eventually awaken to sentience. Long-lived and hardy, the fairies are still easily distracted, and are very curious about almost everything. They favor warm, tropical climates and will migrate during seasonal changes.

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