GURPS Toon/Manga Page

by Don Chisholm

With all the books and information out for GURPS, there's still two types of story not covered by the rules. These are Western-style Toons, and Japanese anime-style games. Note that both of these types of story encompass a great many genres, and are not actually a type of story unto themselves, but are a way of telling a story. To this end, I present the following two advantages that allow for either type of story to be played as a game.


Toon Invulnerability

30 points

This advantage makes the character a Toon, much like the Warner Bros. Studio's characters, like Bugs Bunny. It has the following effects:

Wild Takes (Physical/Very Hard)

Defaults to DX-8

Prerequisite: Toon Invulnerability

This skill represents the overall control the Toon has over themselves, and their environment. It can be used for the following effects:

Toon Gaming

The most obvious use of these advantages would be to run Toon versions of the characters in an already existing campaign. For inspiration, just watch some T.V.. (Depending on the campaign, the GM may wish to detail out the effects of Toon damage on real people, and vice versa.) An ambitious GM could allow a Toon in a regular group, possibly for a Space or Supers campaign. Toons could also be used as funky fiends for a Horror, Atomic Horror, or Fantasy campaign.


Actually, for the average no-name characters in these stories, the basic rules work quite well, although anyone who's watched any Japanese film knows that the main characters (good and bad) are always capable of incredible stunts, simply by virtue of their Major Character status. To represent this requires only the addition of one new advantage:

Manga Invulnerability

20 points

This advantage turns the character into the hero of any Japanese comic or film. It bestows the following abilities:

People wishing to run a more serious game can limit the amount of points that can be saved at any time. (Either with an arbitrary number, like 10, or based on an attribute, such as HT, or ST, or the level of your martial arts skill.) This advantage can be combined with Toon Invulnerability, although a character with both loses 50% of their height, and 25% of their weight. (That's an SD joke, folks!)

Neither of these advantages are meant to stand alone as a separate campaign type, but rather, modify the campaign. So, you could run a Toon: Space game, or a Manga: Old West game, or how about Toon: Ancient Rome? (Or Manga: Vikings?)