Character Identification

Character Name Jacques duBorgois
Age/Race 20 (Young Adult) - Human
Date Created 3/16/2001
Player Name Brett Slocum

Character Background

History Jacques is a 17th century French Musketeer. Since an early age, he has wanted to be a musketeer, and since his father was one, he started training very young. He has served his King for three years. One night while returning home from a tryst, he was picked up by the Timesled.
Personality He's a sweet-talking ladies' man, who walks into a room and owns it, with everyone remembering him. With his wry wit, silver tongue, and sense of style, he's very successful with women. He always know what time it is, even after timejumping.
Appearance He is tall and thin with long brown hair and a mustache. He wears fancy clothes with lots of lace, and a big floppy hat with a feather in it. Jacques is a dashing figure who seems larger than life. His swaggering gait, his French accent, and his impeccable taste in clothes makes him a very memorable character.


  Strength Coord. Intellect Health
Natural 5 7 6 5

Secondary Stats

Speed Modes Speed   Armor   
Ground 3 Hit Points 20
    Fatigue Points  10
    Luck 5

Unarmed Combat Max Dmg   Initiative Bonus for Skills/Features  


Superior Training, Presence, Ear for Language, Acute Sense of Time (including Timejumping)


Compulsion: Women, Remarkable Appearance: Dandy


Skill Name

Skill Level / Rating (adj)

Melee Weapon: Fencing Pro / 15  
Convincing Cap / 10  
Missile Weapon: Handgun Cap / 11  
Missile Weapon: Rifle Fam / 9  
Riding: Horse Fam / 9  
Brawling Fam / 7  
Artistic Expression: Poetry Fam / 8  
Knife Fam / 9  
Language: French Cap / 12  
Language: English Fam / 8  
Social Graces Fam / 8  

Character Features

Weapons Two rapiers (spare), main gauche, two black powder pistols, shot and powder.
Equipment Fancy clothes, fancy hat with feather, boots, hip flask of cognac, journal of poems, quills and ink.