Blue Star Wicca

Blue Star Wicca is a Neo-Traditional, Post-Alexandrian Wiccan religion, founded by Tzipora Klein and others in the 1970's. It began focused on Greco-Roman deities, and later strongly embraced Brito-Celtic gods.

That mouthful of a title needs some explanation. Neo-Traditional means that it is a Neopagan religion with Traditional values. By "Traditional" I mean, what is called in the Neopagan community "Fam Trad". (I don't want to argue the meaning or veracity of the term "Fam Trad", I use it because it is a well-known term in the Neopagan community.) By "Post-Alexandrian" I mean, that Blue Star draws heavily from Alexandrian Wicca.

Blue Star has the usual three degrees of initiation, plus three lower levels of participation called Student, Dedicant and Neophyte. Students are learning the Blue Star system; Dedicants have formally dedicated themselves to the Gods; Neophytes are actively working toward initiation.

Blue Star has members in numerous states, but mainly concentrated on the East Coast (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, etc.) and in the Midwest (Minnesota, Missouri, etc.). Others are scattered throughout many other regions. There are over 150 Blue Star members worldwide.

Blue Star Coven/Grove Sites

BarleyMoon Grove's Web Page - temporarily down, Ontario, CA
Clover Covern and Grove, New Jersey, USA
Swan Weaver Coven and Grove, Basingstoke, UK
Starsong Coven's Web Page, Massachusetts, USA
Sea Star Coven and Grove, Seattle, Washington, USA

Blue Star Family Web Pages

Kenny Klein's Web Page

Other Blue Star Info

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