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On a mailing list I'm on, someone mentioned a little game they play where they pull three GURPS books at random off of the bookshelf and come up with a campaign. I decided to help them out with this little campaign generator that randomly selects three books. Have fun!

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Middle Ages 1 Psionics CthulhuPunk Black Sabbath Haunted by endless dreams of horror, the shell-shocked players finally, hopelessly, start marching from their medieval lives up toward the mountain that terrifies them. There, they wait, hiding, as others in black robes appear, and begin strange of there number
is discovered, and dragged up to the newly lit bonfire, tied to an new post...
You are armed with staves, poor polearms, small much do you need to see before you suicide charge?
And that's just the beginning...
You will be forever changed by the experience,
the dreams will change, but not end
gary peak
Humanx Fantasy Discworld We know we can get home from Earth Ok, the Djinn idea wasn't quite what they needed, but the Thranx are still determined to get home. They will try their luck at the new Unseen University Gate to Yrth, where the natives don't tend to such whimsey, but where clues to a gateway to Earth may exist. gary peak
Mage: The Ascension Space Ice Age ''...and would suffice'' A wrym-possessed Silver Fang brings the Ice Age back. As society collapses, so does the anti-magick paradigm. The Void engineers create space colonies to preserve Technocratic society. Meanwhile Etherites and other build their own outer space strongholds. Mages struggle in space, in the desolate frozen wastes that were once the mid-west, and in the desperate cities struggling to survive. Thomas Devine
Wizards Ultra-Tech Mage: The Ascension ''Betrayal as Sharp as a Mono-Filament Blade'' In a catastrophic power shift, a large number of Sons of the Aether have become Nephandi! Astral nanites, Paradox bombs and wired and juiced abominations are spilling out of the Umbra! Can the remaining Traditions trust the offer of cooperation from elements of the Technocracy to combat the insanity? Jeff Bailey
Steam-Tech Mecha Robin Hood ''Brigands and Boilers'' The Sheriff of Nottingham has unleased a new threat upon Robin Hood's Merry Men. Giant metal clad giants have entered Sherwood Forest intent upon ending ending Robin's career. The sheriff's appetite of vengeance is great, surpassed only perhaps by the wood consuming fired in the belly of these new war engines. Can your band stop these metal giants before they destroy Robin Hood or consumer his forest as fuel?
Rev. Magus  
Special Ops Greece Bestiary ''Commandos & Chimera'' An ancient curse has been unleashed! A pandora's box of mythological monsters have emerged from ancient ruins through out Greece. Only a special group of highly trained and heavily armed special agents can fight their way to the center of the Acropolis and destroy the accursed gateway. Rev. Magus  
Steampunk Autoduel Egypt ''Death among the Dunes'' Your group had just discovered an ancient scroll describing some device known only as ''The Engine of the Gods'' which allowed the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt. Just as you had formed an expedition to set out across the desert to locate the resting place of this wonderous machine your nemesis the evil Dr. Wolfgang von Drakmen stole the scroll from you. Everyone mounts their steam driven dune racers to reach the burried treasure first or to slay their rivals in the desert. Rev. Magus  
Bestiary Y2K Atomic Horror ''Decimal places.'' Suuuuuuure..... What's irradiated, 100-feet tall, six-legged, compound-eyed, and hairy that has the ability to make computers worldwide go crazy and is stomping toward your hometown? The Y2K Bug, of course.    
Y2K Steam-Tech Wild Cards ''Gift of the Ancients'' Strange times are upon the world. It is as if the tales of King Arthur and monsters of mythological legend have come to life to visit the world. Her majesty has appointed your hardy band of adventurers and engineers with the mission to see what is behind all of this. Setting sail on a steel-hulled steamer you seek the center of the disturbance in the mid-atlantic. There you find a previously uncharted landmass covered in gleaming stone buildings. Prepare your ornithopter for some arial reconnaissance... Rev. Magus  
Warriors Magic Fantasy ''Hey, isn't this already a game?'' In fact, isn't it already about THIRTY game systems? But to perfunctorily cover it, your warriors and wizards kick monster butt. A lot. And they find sw33t l3wt. Jeff Bailey
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