Tékumeláni Battle Magic

The nature of magical warfare on Tékumel is different than described in GURPS Magic. Most conventional armies have a contingent of mages and priests who cast massive spells to support the army and discomfit the enemy. The following college contains the spells to perform these large battlefield effects.

The College of Battle Magic

Original copyright 1990
Channel ST (Mental/Hard)
As for Share ST, except that the receiving mage must cast the Focus ST spell before being able to utilize the offered energy, and more than one mage may channel fatigue to the focusing mage. Only one receiver can be specified. Because of the powerful nature of this spell, fatigue used by this spell is recovered at the rate of 1 per hour.
Duration: 10 seconds, or until a spellcasting begun in that time is finished. Cannot be maintained.
Cost to Cast: 1 for each ST used by the focusing mage. The cost to cast this spell is never reduced by high skill.
Prerequisite: Magery and Share ST.

Focus ST (Mental/Very Hard)
This spell allows the caster to accept energy from mages casting the Channel ST spell and focus it into the powerful Battle Missile spell. This energy can only be used for the Battle Missile spell and the underlying spells. Any remaining energy left after casting the Battle Missile spell is lost. Example: the Focusing mage has 9 mages channeling a total of 45 energy points to him. A Terror Battle Missile with an 8-hex radius is cast costing 42 points (32 + 10 points for Battle Missile). The remaining three points are lost.
Duration: 1 minute. Cannot be maintained.
Cost to cast: 3. The cost to cast this spell is never reduced by high skill.
Prerequisite: Magery 3 and Channel ST.

Battle Missile (Mental/Hard)
As for Curse Missile, except that this spell may be used in connection with the Focus ST spell to cast any of the following spells at long range: Awaken, Explosive Fireball, Bravery, Darkness, Fear, Fog, Force Dome, Mass Daze, Mass Haste, Mass Hinder, Mass Light, Mass Sleep, Terror, and Utter Dome. When used in this way, many of these spells resist each other : Bravery and Fear, Darkness and Mass Light, Mass Sleep and Awaken, Mass Haste and Mass Hinder, Mass Daze and Awaken, and Terror and Bravery. Force Dome will block Blast, but not the other spells carried by Battle Missile.

This spell appears as an enormous globe of yellowish light, building in front of the caster. A mage who sees a battle-missile can tell what it will, if he knows the spell within the missile and makes an IQ roll. This spell has SS 13, Acc +3, Max 200.

Cost: 10. If the spell succeeds, the mage pays the cost of the underlying spell (Blast, etc.) as well. If the spell is one that can be maintained, the mage may maintain it normally.
Time to Cast: 1 second, plus 1 second per 5 energy points in underlying spell, plus the time for the underlying spell.
Prerequisite: Focus ST.

Mass Haste, Mass Hinder, Mass Light have not been written, but you get the idea.