GURPS Tékumel: Magic Items

Several categories of magic items exist on Tékumel: ancient technological devices, unique items made by powerful sorcerers in the past through magical research, and current items. The only magic items that all temples currently know how to make are magic weapons and armor. Very advanced sorcerers in temple of Ksárul can make a form of powerstone. Beyond those, all other enchantment spells are unknown. Painstaking research is required to reveal the secret of making a new magic item, and the conservative societies of the Five Empires discourage it.


One class of ancient technological devices is the Eye. These small oval objects about an inch across (thus the name) were the tools of the ancients. They have an aperture on one side and a activation stud on the other. These devices are TL 15 and use other-planar power, just as mages use that same power for spells. Storage within the Eye can hold enough energy for up to 100 uses of the device. The only method of recharging them is the Thoroughly Useful Eye (see below).

The list of Eyes given below is by no means complete; the GM can create other types as desired. Use the spells in GURPS Magic as an inspiration for new types. Eyes were originally designed as tools that used other-planar power. For instance, the Eye of Advancing Through Portals was originally a mining tool; the deadly effect was secondary. Some rare eyes are the result of defective eyes, where their original effect is reversed or otherwise altered.

Beam Weapons skill is used to operate Eyes. Unfortunately, the limited number of charges and the rarity of recharge devices make charges too valuable to waste on target practice. Therefore, Beam Weapons skill cannot be learned and all Eye use is based on the default skill level of DX-4. Fast Draw skill can be learned for Eyes. All targets get a chance to Dodge the blast from an Eye; Eyes cannot be Blocked or Parried. For resistance rolls, all Eyes have the equivalent of skill 15.

Description of Eyes

Abominable Eye of Detestation
Resisted by IQ
This Eye causes all targets, including undead, to flee, as per the Panic spell. This effect can be resisted by a IQ roll. Since this Eye is especially effective against undead, they must roll against IQ-2. A 2-yard radius may be affected. The effect lasts 1 minute. SS 12, Acc +2, Max 10.
Excellent Ruby Eye
This device puts the targets into permanent time stasis, until released by another charge from the Ruby Eye. The victims cannot be harmed by any means. The name comes from the reddish luster that victims of this Eye acquire. Persons have been released from the effects of this Eye after many millennia with no ill effects. This Eye has a 2 yd. radius. SS 12, Acc +2, Max 20.
Eye of Advancing Through Portals
This Eye can blast through any door, a wall up to 2 yards thick, or it can blast a tunnel 1 yard deep into rock. A person hit by this blast takes 10d of crushing damage. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 2.
Eye of Aerial Excellence
This device allows the targets and the user to fly as for the Flight spell for up to 30 minutes. The Eye affects all persons and attached equipment within a 2-yard radius of the user, up to a maximum weight of 1500 pounds. The flight is directed by the user.
Eye of All-Seeing Wonder
A beam 2 yards wide that has the effect of the See Invisible and Light Jet spells is produced by this Eye. The beam lasts for 10 minutes and has a range of 20 yards.
Eye of Being an Unimpeachable Shield against Foes
This Eye produces the effects of the Force Shield spell on all targets within a 2-yard radius of the user for 10 minutes. The area of effect moves with the Eye.
Eye of Bestowing Life
This device will resurrect anyone killed within 18 days (3 Tsolyáni weeks). The smallest piece of the body is all that needs to remain for this Eye to work. The subject returns to full HT and ST. If the subject fails a HT roll, they lose 1 HT permanently. This Eye is very rare.
Eye of Calling Forth an Unconquerable Army
A group of up to 100 mechanical automatons are released from a dimensional pocket by this Eye. They are PD 4, DR 6 and Move 6 with ST 15, DX 12, IQ 8, and HT 15 . They have Broadsword/13 and Shield/12. They carry steel broadswords and medium shields. All automatons, including those destroyed and their equipment, return to the dimensional pocket after 1 minute.

Use the Remaining Charges Table above to determine how many automatons appear. Up to 100 automatons always appear, even if some have been previously destroyed. If used in a confined area, the automatons will appear in all hexes in the room, including occupied hexes, up to the number determined above. This is a rare eye.

Eye of the Creeping Fog of Doom
This device would produce any gas the user wanted, but the method of selection has been lost. Now most of them produce poisonous gas (roll 3d: 3-10 = nerve gas, 11-14 = contact gas, 15-18 = some harmless gas, such as carbon dioxide). 

The gas is expelled from the Eye at a rate of 1 yard every 2 seconds, and the resulting cloud will eventually cover an area 3 yards in radius. It will remain for 4 minutes before dispersing. Wind can blow the cloud back at the user, and the Eye cannot be used safely in a confined area, since the gas needs at least the area mentioned above to spread.

Eye of Departing in Safety
This Eye teleports the targets to a predetermined place. The target location is set by depressing the stud halfway; this process uses a charge. The preset location can be erased by twisting the stud. The maximum distance that can be traveled is 1000 yards, and all targets and equipment, up to 1 ton, within a 3-yard radius of the user are affected.

If the Eye is used with no location set, or the preset location is out of range, the user and targets are teleported to a formless void and disappear forever.

Eye of Exquisite Power over Maidens
Resisted by IQ
This device will charm a member of the opposite sex of the user's race. The subject is allowed an IQ roll to resist. If the subject fails, they will adore the user until released by a second charge from the Eye. Treat this effect as the Loyalty and Emotion Control (Love) spells. Duration: 1 hour.
Eye of Frigid Breath
Resisted by HT
A cone of freezing cold is projected by this Eye. To 10 yards, the cone is 1 yard wide; from 11 to 20 yards, the cone has a 2-yard radius. Targets failing a HT roll take 5d damage. The effect is not blocked by intervening targets, so all within the cone are affected. This Eye can be used in a smaller area without harming the user. SS 11, Acc +3, Max 20. The effects of this Eye are not stopped by armor.
Eye of Hastening Destiny
All subjects of this Eye are affected by the Great Haste spell. The effect has a 2-yard radius from the user and lasts 1 minute. All subjects can stop the effects of this Eye at will. The possibility of neuro-physical burnout exists when using this Eye. At the end of each minute of the effect, roll 3d: 
3-10No burnout
11-13Burnout impending. Subject must stop in 1 turn.
14-18Burnout. Subject goes unconscious for 1d minutes and takes 1d+1 damage.
Eye of Illuminating Glory
This device emits light as per the Continual Light spell at a 'dim glow' level in an area 3 yards in radius. The effect lasts 10 minutes and can be covered and uncovered at will.
Eye of Incomparable Understanding
Resisted by IQ
This Eye translates any language spoken within range to the user's native language telepathically. It also translates the user's speech into the listener's language. The effect lasts 30 minutes and has a range of 3 yards from the user. A person who does not want to be understood by the user can make an IQ roll to resist.
Eye of Indefinable Apprehension
Resisted by IQ
This Eye causes all targets to be affected by the Terror spell. All humans, intelligent non-human races, and animals within a 3 yard radius are affected; Undead, automatons, androids, and the other supernatural creatures of the Underworld are not. The area of effect of this spell is very slow with a Move of 8. If the targets guess (IQ -3 roll) that this Eye has been used against them, a Dispel Magic can be cast to nullify it. SS 12, Acc +3, Max 30
Eye of Insubstantial Visioning
This Eye creates 1d illusions similar to Phantom spell. The illusions last for 3 minutes. The Eye has a range of 20 yards. These illusions will not affect androids, automatons, undead. or Tinalíya.
Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends
Resisted by IQ
Targets of this Eye will have neutral reactions to the user's party for 10 minutes. If attacked, they will defend. An IQ resistance roll is allowed. The effect has a 2-yard radius. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 10.
Eye of Madness
Resisted by IQ
This device turns all targets in a 3-yard radius mad as for the Madness spell. The GM may choose or randomly select which form of madness afflicts the target. An IQ resistance roll is allowed. Undead, automatons, androids are immune. The madness is permanent unless a Remove Curse spell or the Ineluctable Eye of Healing is used. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 20.
Eye of Non-seeing
This Eye turns all targets in a 2-yard radius invisible as for the Invisibility spell. The effect lasts 30 minutes and moves with the Eye. All targets must remain within 2 yards of the Eye to stay invisible.
Eye of Opening the Way
This device finds and opens all secret doors, panels, or other openings within 10 yards. It also buzzes when within 5 yard of a trapped object. The effect lasts 1 minute.
Eye of Raising an Infernal Barrier
A wall of fire is created 5 yards in front of the user of this Eye. The effect is 3 yards tall, and up to 10 yards wide, adjusting in thickness to the size of the room or corridor, and lasts for 1 minute. Because of the extremely hot nature of this flame, any beings entering it take 8d damage. Those passing within 1 yard take 2d damage. Resist Fire at the second Volcano level will resist this spell. If this Eye is fired into an occupied hex, they get a DX roll to dodge.
Eye of Regeneration
This device causes a lost limb to regenerate as for the Instant Regeneration spell. Blindness, deafness, and other problems caused by magic or injury can also be cured. The device must touch the subject.
Eye of Retaining All Things
This device opens a dimensional pocket that can store up to 1 ton of equipment. Twisting the stud will empty the contents of this dimension; this process does not use a charge of the Eye. No oxygen exists in this pocket, so living beings will die of suffocation. Items may drift in this dimensional pocket, so multiple objects must be tied together, or bound by some other means. Any size of object, up to the maximum capacity of the dimension, can be put into the Eye, if some small corner can be put within the aperture.
Eye of Retarding Destiny
Resisted by HT
All the targets are slowed by this eye, so that they can only act every other turn. The effect has a 2-yard radius and lasts 5 minutes. A HT resistance roll is permitted. This eye affects living beings and undead. Androids, automatons, demons, and magically-created beings are immune. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 30.
Eye of Returning Unto Darkness
A field of darkness is created by this Eye that blocks all vision of those within the area, and attacking into the area is at normal penalties for darkness. The field is 2 yards in radius. The darkness lasts 20 minutes. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 20.
Eye of Rising Above All
This Eye causes the user to rise into the air as for the Levitation spell to a maximum height of 100 yards. The user can control the ascent. Up to 500 pounds of additional material may also be carried. Combat is possible at 2 DX. The effect lasts 10 minutes.
Eye of Ruling as a King in Glory
Resisted by Will
This device causes all targets in a 40-yard radius who fail their Will roll to loyally follow the user as for the Loyalty spell for 1 hour. This Eye has no effect on animals, automatons, androids, or undead. This is a rare Eye.
Eye of Strengthening the Majesty of Weapons
This Eye enchants steel weapons with the Accuracy +1 spell and steel armor with the Deflect +1 spell. A maximum of two applications of this Eye can be applied to a single weapon or piece of armor. The Eye must touch the weapon or piece of armor.
Eye of Transformation
Resisted by IQ
This device converts a follower of Change to a follower of Stability, and visa versa. This Eye only affects humans and intelligent nonhuman races. The effects are permanent, unless reversed with another use of the Eye. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 10.
Eye of Triumphant Passage Through Infernos
This Eye provides the target with the protection of the Resist Fire spell at the second Volcano level for 3 minute. 2-yard radius and 1 yard range.
Incomparable Eye of Command
Resisted by IQ
This Eye turns all targets in a 3-yard radius into slaves as for the Command spell for 10 minutes. SS 12, Acc +2, Max 60.
Ineluctable Eye of Healing
This Eye casts the Major Healing spell on the subject. Roll 1d x 2 for the number of HT healed. It can cure blindness and deafness caused by magic or injury. This device may also be used instead of a HT roll for either poison or disease, but must be used before the roll is attempted. This Eye has a range of 3 yards.
Splendid Eye of Krá the Mighty
Resisted by HT
This device can grab objects of up to 1000 pounds in weight. Walls of up to 1 yard in thickness can thus be moved. This Eye can also be used as a weapon, doing 6d damage, if the target fails a HT roll. Even if the HT is successful, the target takes 2d damage. SS 12, Acc +1, Max 2.
Terrible Eye of Raging Power
Resisted by HT
This Eye fires a bolt of electricity as for the Lightning spell. It does 6d+6 impaling damage and all metal armor is treated as PD 0, DR 1. All of the victim's possessions are destroyed, except enchanted steel weapons and armor. The bolt is 1 yard wide to 10 yards; from 11 to 20 yards, the bolt is 2 yards wide. The bolt will bounce off walls, so if used in a confined space it may rebound on the user. SS 12, Acc +3, Max 20.
Thoroughly Useful Eye
This Eye can recharge other eyes and needs no recharging itself. Any Eye can be recharged one charge per day by touching the Thoroughly Useful Eye to it and pressing the stud. Some Amulets and other miscellaneous magic items can also be recharged in this manner. This Eye needs no recharging. This Eye is extremely rare; only six are known to exist in the Five Empires.