GURPS Tékumel Bestiary

Akhó (Embracer of Ships)

ST: 4-20 Move/Dodge: 10/6# Size: 6-300
DX: 13 PD/DR: 4/6 Weight:1-50 tons
IQ: 4 Damage: *
HT: 5/20-200 Reach: C-70 Habitats: SW

The akhó is a giant water beast; think of an enormous cabbage- with twenty squid-like tentacles, a single red eye and a large mouth. They usually travel alone or in pairs, but groups of up to five have been sighted. An akhó will attack ocean vessels. ST given above is for each tentacle; the entire animal is ST 80-400. If grappling with all its tentacles, an akhó can pull ten times its weight at 2 yards per second. When attacking, an akhó may either attack the ship or its occupants. Against the hull, roll ST damage for the number of tentacles grappling; if HT of the hull is exceeded, the ship snaps into pieces and sinks. Against the occupants, it will attempt to grapple with a tentacles and pull the victim into the water. An akhó can grapple with up to six tentacles per turn and still defend. Each tentacle can pull STx20 pounds. If one tentacle is not enough to move the victim, then it will use more tentacles. Tentacles do ST crushing damage, and pull the victim toward the water and mouth at 2 yd per turn. Once in the water, victim will start drowning (see Holding Your Breath, p. B91). Once in the creature's mouth, its acid saliva does 1 HT damage per 2 seconds. Each tentacle takes 20% of the hit points given above, but injury or loss of a tentacle does not affect the total. Only cutting damage will sever a tentacle. Impaling attacks on tentacles are not doubled. Attacking the head or vitals requires getting into the water. They swallow everything, so a dead akhó may have numerous items inside its body.

image of Akho
Akhó having lunch

Aqaá (Worm of the Catacombs)

ST: 50-90 Move/Dodge: 6/5 Size: 14-40
DX: 9 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:20-50 tons
IQ: 3 Damage: *
HT: 14/25-90 Reach: C, 2* Habitats: Sub

This very large worm can be from 7 to 20 yards long and covered with brown bristles. The mouth is 2 yards wide. Those swallowed can cut from the inside, or those outside can cut into worm, but there is danger of striking the victim. Any cutting or impaling attack that does more than 6 damage can potentially strike the victim (treat as a Wild Swing at half remaining damage). Those swallowed are at -3 DX because of cramped quarters. Digestive acid does 1d-1 damage per turn. Leather and Cloth provide normal DR, but lose 1 DR per 5 seconds. Metal protects fully for DR turns, and then provides normal DR thereafter. Tail whip can do 3d crushing damage.

Biridlú (The Mantle)

ST: 18-24 Move/Dodge: 13/7 Size: 1-2
DX: 14 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:50-300 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d cr.
HT: 14/18-24 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

These black, flying creatures hide on the ceilings of the Underworld, ready to drop on a victim and envelop them. A Vision roll vs. their Stealth skill of 15 is needed to spot them on the ceiling. Treat this attack as a grapple (p. B111). If successful, the victim begins suffocating (p. B112). Each turn the creature crushes the victim with its muscular folds (1d crushing, no hit roll needed). Impaling attacks against this creature are not doubled, and any successful impaling or cutting attack of greater than 4 hits, penetrates to possibly hurt the victim (treat as a Wild Swing at half the remaining damage). They have Move 3 on the ground. They regenerate 1 HT per 10 seconds unless burned. These creatures are totally invulnerable, except to steel, magic and fire damage. They fight to the death.


image of biridlu

Biridlú and Victim


Chashkéri (Water-maiden)
ST: 6-8 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1
DX: 13 PD/DR: 1/1 Weight: 100 lb.
IQ: 5 Damage: #
HT: 6-8 Reach: C Habitats: FW, SW

From onboard a ship, this water creature looks like a beautiful dark-haired woman in the water, though the hair is merely its dark head fin and the 'face' is dark markings on the light colored portion of its head. Chashkéri can be found singly or in pairs, though occasionally groups of up to five have been sighted. It stores mana in its eyes, allowing it to cast the Charm spell at skill level 15. It can store up to 30 points of mana. The spell is cast instantaneously, the chashkéri only has to make eye contact with the target. Ahoggyá, Shén, and Tinalíya are immune to this effect. It can recover 1 mana point per 10 minutes. Charmed victims dive into the water, and the chashkéri takes them to its underwater lair to be eaten later (see Swimming and Holding Your Breath, p. B91). The spell ends when the chashkéri is killed or after 10 minutes, if the victim is restrained from entering the water and the vessel leaves the area. Surviving victims of the spell take two days to recover at -4 to DX and IQ.


Chlén (Armor-Beast)

ST: 200-300 Move/Dodge: 2/0 Size: 10-15
DX: 10 PD/DR: 5/5 Weight: 4-8 tons
IQ: 4 Damage: #
HT: 15/40-50 Reach: C Habitats: P

This six legged beast has a flattened head with horns and beak; it resembles a triceratops with two extra legs. They travel in herds of up to 60 individuals. The chlén fights only when attacked and can be domesticated, if subdued. Its head butt does 2d-1 impaling, its trample does 3d crushing, and its bite does 2d crushing. The chlén is used to pull enormous carts of goods, but they are ponderously slow. Layers of its horny hide are stripped from the living animals, which then regrows in a few weeks. Through secret processes known only to the armorer's clans, this hide can be molded and then hardened into a substance about as hard as bronze, though much lighter, and used for weapons and armor.

Chnélh (Ape-Mutant)

ST: 14-18 Move/Dodge: 8/7 Size: 1
DX: 14 PD/DR: 0/1 Weight: 150-450 lb.
IQ: 6 Damage: 1d cut
HT: 12-14 Reach: C,1 Habitats: F, J, Sub

Constructed by the priests of Ksárul long ago, these anthropoids have long jaws and sharp teeth, a crude nose, large faceted red eyes. They can be found in small family groups of five individuals or tribes of up to 50 or 100. They will attack if they outnumber the party, but flee if outnumbered. They can use clubs and spears, or bite for 1d cut, or punch for 1d-1 cr. They are semi-intelligent, and can make organized attacks.


image of chnelh

Cholókh (Flying Octopoid Creature)

ST: 8-10 Move/Dodge: 15/7# Size: 2
DX: 13 PD/DR: 4/5 Weight:60-80 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: bite, 1d+1 cut
HT: 12/16-20 Reach: C# Habitats: M

These six-legged, grayish brown flying creatures have a thick armored carapace, large shimmering wings, and powerful jaws. They can use their eight tentacles to throw rocks (1d-1 cr), attacking from 3-20 yards, if disturbed. If they hit with their missiles, then they close. Cholókh never check morale. They have Move 2 on the ground. Tentacles can grapple or wield rocks (1d cr.). Usually found alone, but groups of up to ten Cholókh have been seen.

image of cholokh


Dlákolel (Steed of Sarku)

ST: 20-25 Move/Dodge: 13/7# Size: 3-5
DX: 14 PD/DR: 4/6 Weight:200-400 lbs.
IQ: 6 Damage: 2d-1 cut
HT: 12/25-35 Reach: C Habitats: J

This large, semi-intelligent flying insect has large jaws and a black chitinous shell, which covers shiny black wings. Check reaction when encountered, because friendly or neutral reactions are possible. A Dlákolel will fight to the death, if attacked. Move 7 on the ground.

Dláqo (Carrion Beetle)

ST: 13-25 Move/Dodge: 8/5 Size: 2-6
DX: 11 PD/DR: 5/5 Weight:200-500 lbs.
IQ: 2 Damage: 1d+2 cut
HT: 12/14-40 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

This six-legged crawling insect has a glossy green shell and large pincer jaws. These creatures only attack individuals or pairs, or when they can surprise the party; otherwise they flee when attacked. They eat carrion, so there is a high chance of finding them in areas of dead creatures. Their bite is very dirty: anyone bitten must roll against HT for possible infection (p. B116).

Dnélu (Concealed Leaper)

ST: 18-22 Move/Dodge: 9/8 Size: 2
DX: 13 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:200 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d-1 imp.
HT: 14/15-21 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: P, M*

These furry, six legged creatures live in underground dens covered with sod. They jump out to grapple small parties to carry back to the den, usually gaining Surprise or Total Surprise. They don't check morale, but they rarely attack parties of 6 or more. They like to collect bright objects. They have a sharp barbed tongue with which they impale their victims.

Dzór (Forest Giant)

ST: 25-35 Move/Dodge: 8/6 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:400-800 lbs.
IQ: 6 Damage: 6d-1 cr.*
HT: 16/22-40 Reach: C-2 Habitats: F, J

These 10-12 foot giants have three eyes, a beak, and nictating membranes. They have Night Vision, but poor day vision (-2 DX in daylight). Dzór fight only if attacked, using clubs, maces (6d-1 cr), but no edged weapons. Semi- intelligent, but untrainable with no discernable speech. Bite does 1d+1 cutting, and punch does 2d+2 crushing.

Feshénga (Many-Legged Serpent)

ST: 13-18 Move/Dodge: 8/6 Size: 2-40
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight: 1/8-5 tons
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d-1 cut
HT: 13/20-25 Reach: C Habitats: FW, F, J

These reptilian carnivores have 60 small legs, a mouthful of sharp teeth, and will attack anything that moves. They range in size from two yards from nose to tail to huge specimens up to 15 to 20 yards long. Their bite is often poisonous. On a roll of 10-, the bite is poisoned; treat as Type H venom dealing 3d damage. Magical healing is required to cure this poison, though the tribes of M'mórcha have herbs that neutralize it. Groups of up to ten have been spotted.

image of feshenga
Two Feshénga

Gerednyá (Flying Worm)
ST: 10-15 Move/Dodge: 15/7 Size: 3-5
DX: 13 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight: 50-150 lb.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d-1 cut
HT: 12-15 Reach: C Habitats: M*

This thin, grayish-green worm flies with filmy wings. Their prehensile tail carries a sting which does 1d-1 cut and has poison; treat as Type B venom doing 1d+2. The gerednyá's sharp beak does 1d-1 cut. They fear fire and can be driven away with torches. Their wing cases are worth 100 Káitars each to the armorer's clans. Move 2 on ground. Groups of from three to sixty individuals are known.

Ghár (Armoured River Monster)

ST: 30-45 Move/Dodge: 7/5 Size: 4-5
DX: 12 PD/DR: 4/6# Weight:1/2 to 2 tons
IQ: 3 Damage: 2d-1 cut*
HT: 16/32-40 Reach: C, 1-3 Habitats: FW, S

These thick-shelled freshwater creatures have three heads and a spiked tail. They are utterly fearless, always hungry, and attack on sight. Their heads can extend up to 3 yards for attacking. Treat the second and third attacks as -4 DX. Heads have Dodge 6. Tail does 1d+2 impaling. The top of its shell is PD 4/DR 6, but other areas are less well-armored: limbs - PD1/DR1, heads - PD 2/DR 2, and undershell - PD 3/DR4. Ghár never check morale. Move 2 on land. The iridescent shell is worth 3dx100 Káitars.

Giriku (Flying Reptile)

ST: 16-20 Move/Dodge: 20/10# Size: 4
DX: 14 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:100-200 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d cut
HT: 12-15 Reach: C Habitats: F, M, M*

These blue-green nocturnal flying retiles have six eyes, three rows of sharp teeth filling a long beak. They have Night Vision. Their musty odor is very repellent to humans; make a successful Smell roll to perceive within 10 yards. The beak does 1d cutting. Move 3 on the ground.

Háqel (Toothed Dweller-Below)

ST: 20-60 Move/Dodge: 8/7# Size: 5-17
DX: 14# PD/DR: 3/4# Weight:1/2 to 6 tons
IQ: 3 Damage: 2d cut
HT: 14/24-50 Reach: C# Habitats: FW, SW

This aquatic creature waits in calm water with its mouth open to grab a passing swimmer or boat, dragging them underwater. When young (less than 7 hex size), a tail whip does 1d crushing with a 1-hex reach; if less than 12 hexes in size, the tail whip does 1d+2 crushing and has a reach of 2 yards; the tail of an older individual does 2d crushing with a 3-hex reach. Speed 2 (sprint 4) on land. Belly has PD 1, DR 2.

Hli'ír (Beast with the Unendurable Face)

ST: 25-30 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:200 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d+2 cut
HT: 13/32-40 Reach: C, R Habitats: Sub

These insane creatures are so hideous that those who see one may go mad. Make a Will roll or take the effects of the Madness spell. Berserkers will often attack their own party. They are Invulnerable to Chlen weapons. Crushing weapons can subdue it for 1 minute, but not kill it. Only steel weapons can kill it. Bite does 1d+2 cutting; claws do 2d-1 cutting.

Hrá (Bloodsucker)

ST: 18-25 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1
DX: 14 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:200 lbs.
IQ: 7 Damage: *
HT: 14/25-50 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

These undead creatures are the creations of the Temple of Ksárul. They drink blood and are vulnerable to sunlight. After grappling a victim, the Hrá will bite the neck and suck the victim's blood, draining 1 HT per 3 seconds. Each 3 HT drained in this fashion adds 1 HT to the Hrá. Hrá can use weapons normally. Any Priest of Ksarul (Rank 2+) can control a Hrá with a successful Will-5 roll (counts as Concentrate manuever). If the priest is surprised or control is not successful within 5 seconds, that individual Hrá cannot be controlled by that priest. Hrá regenerate 1 HT per 3 seconds if killed unless touched by Amulet of the Good God. They will pursue a fleeing party on a roll of 14 or less. They take 1 HT per minute in sunlight. Bite does 1d-1 cutting, punch does 1d+2 crushing.
Káyi (The Eye)

ST: 13-17 Move/Dodge: 13/6 Size: 1-3
DX: 12 PD/DR: 1/1 Weight: 20-80 lb.
IQ: 2 Damage: 1d+1*
HT: 13/16-20 Reach: C, 1-3 Habitats: J, S, Sub

These creatures look like floating jellyfish with a single large eye. They tend to hang in dark corners waiting to drop their tentacles to trap a victim. Káyi are usually in groups of five or less, but larger groups of up to thirty have been seen. Tentacles sting for 1d+1 crushing plus they drain 1d-1 ST. If their tentacles grapple (quick Contest of DX), the target is entangled and must win a Contest of ST to break free. The káyi does not need to roll to hit an entangled target. They are very vulnerable to fire, especially flaming arrows, as their bodies are filled with hydrogen, which they produce. Pole-arms or arrows may be necessary to reach them, if hiding near the ceiling in the Underworld or in high trees.

image of kayi

Küni (The Falcon)

ST: 1-3 Move/Dodge: 25/10 Size: <1
DX: 15 PD/DR: 0/0 Weight: 2-8 lb.
IQ: 6 Damage: 1d-2 cut
HT: 12/3-5 Reach: C Habitats: F, M

These semi-intelligent hunting birds are highly valued for they can be trained to speak, making them excellent military scouts, able to report back. They are attracted by Tsúral buds, if fresh. They usually try to fly away if attacked. Move 3 on the ground.

Marashyálu (The Whimperer)

ST: 18-24 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight: 200 lb.
IQ: 8 Damage: 1d imp.
HT: 13/16-20 Reach: C,1,R Habitats: Sub

These creatures of the Underworld are masters of illusionary disguise. They often appear as helpless women or children, or wounded comrades, weeping and begging for help. Marashyálu charm their victims, making them fight their comrades. If a victim is taken away, they suck their bodily juices by inserting their proboscis into a body opening for 1d impaling, and 1 damage per turn thereafter. They roam in small groups of five or less. Their eyes store 20 points of mana for Charm at skill 15. The eyes recover 1 fatigue per 10 minutes. Their skin stores mana for Illusion Disguise at skill 16. It recovers 1 point per hour. They are invulnerable to physical weapons, but magic is effective against them.


Ngóro (The Whelk)

ST: 18-35 Move/Dodge: 3/5 Size: 20-100
DX: 10 PD/DR: 1/2 Weight: 150-500 lbs.
IQ: 8 Damage: 1d+2 cr.
HT: 16/40-80 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

This intelligent flat creature lies on the floor waiting for something to walk on top of it, whereby they enfold upon them and crush them. They are slightly springy to walk on, so a successful IQ-2 roll will give them away. They have multitudes of small cilia-like legs on their underside, which they can use to grasp small objects, such as tiny edged weapons or ancient technological devices. Treat its attack as a grapple. If successful, it engulfs the victim on the next turn. A victim can break free with a Contest of ST. The Ngóro is at half ST in the Contest for the first turn. Each turn after the first, a successfully grappled victim takes 1d crushing damage. Impaling weapons are not very effective against this creature: the damage is not doubled. Damage over four points per attack is wasted. Any impaling hit that penetrates the Ngóro may hit the victim inside; treat it as a Wild Swing at half the damage that penetrated. If subdued (HT 3 or less), they will sometimes offer an item in exchange for freedom. These creatures cannot be stunned because of their distributed nervous system. Ngóro are very solitary.


Nshé (Flowing One)

ST: 20-24 Move/Dodge: 7/6 Size: 1-2#
DX: 13 PD/DR: 3/4# Weight: 300 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 2d cr.*
HT: 14/35-50 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

The natural state of these ancient magically-created creatures is a viscous liquid, though they are able to take any shape. While they are in a shape, they are vulnerable to crushing and cutting weapons, but when in liquid form, Nshé cannot be injured by them. While in humanoid form, they punch for 2d-1 crushing. When they are fluid, they can flow around the feet of victims and crush them, to later consume the helpless victims. Treat this attack as a grapple (quick Contest of DX), doing 2d crushing damage if successful. If a victim's feet are crippled, check for crippling recovery (see p. B129). The nshé can be driven away with fire or an Amulet Against the Iniquitous Nshé, an ancient magical device. These creatures are found either alone or in pairs.


Qól (Serpent-headed Ones)

ST: 12 Move/Dodge: 5/5 Size: 1
DX: 11 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight: 150-250 lbs.
IQ: 8 Damage: *
HT: 9-12 Reach: C,1* Habitats: Sub

Originally created by the Temple of Ksárul, these intelligent humanoids have flattened, snake-like heads. Qól are often used as tomb guardians, or may be found wandering in the Underworld, singly or in groups of up to thirty. Their poisonous bite does 1d-1 cutting damage and injects Type C venom doing 2d damage. They have Night Vision, but they fear of bright light. They carry weapons and arrows which are poisoned with the same venom. They will only attack if they outnumber a group. They have Peripheral Vision and Acute Smell/Taste.

image of qol


Rényu (Loyal Follower)

ST: 8-12 Move/Dodge: 7/7 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 1/2 Weight: 100-200 lbs.
IQ: 7 Damage: 1d-2 cut
HT: 10-12 Reach: C,1 Habitats: F, M

These humanoids have a long muzzle with pointed, dog-like ears and black to brown fur. They are intelligent, can understand and can make simple speech, and can use weapons. If captured, they are very trainable, being very loyal to their masters. They have Night Vision and Alertness +2 and make good scouts. Their claws and bite do 1d-2 cutting. They can be found in packs of up to twenty.

image of renyu
Rényu servant


Ru'ún (Demon of Bronze)

ST: 25 Move/Dodge: 8/7 Size: 1
DX: 14 PD/DR: 24/6 Weight:500 lbs.
IQ: 8 Damage: 4d cut
HT: 16/40-60 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

These seven foot tall automatons were created as treasure and nexus guardians. They are highly intelligent. Their metal bodies are covered with a mesh of wires that can deliver a hefty electric shock. Make a HT roll or take 3 hits (armor doesn't protect) and be stunned for 1d x 5 seconds. If the HT roll is made, the target is stunned for 1d seconds. They usually carry a steel sword, often enchanted with Accuracy and/or Puissance, and a bolt caster, though more powerful weaponry has been rumored (pistol, laser, or blaster are possible). They See Invisible, cannot be surprised, and have Acute Hearing/+5. Bolt caster (crossbow mechanism) does 2d impaling, RoF = 1/2 (pistol: 2d-1 crushing, RoF = 3~; laser: 1d impaling, RoF = 4*, blaster: 4d, RoF = 3~).

image of ru'un



Sagún (Fungus)

ST: 18-25 Move/Dodge: 5/6 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:300 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 2d cut
HT: 17/25-50 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

This animate fungus was created as a guardian of the underworld. They are eight feet tall, pale-blue and leafy with wooden claws, and slow-moving. They can emit deadly spores in a radius of 2 yards which germinate inside the victim's lungs: treat as Venom type X: successful HT roll and either a Cure Disease spell or the Eye of Healing applied within 2 minutes or death occurs. These creatures are found in small groups of three or fewer. They can emit spores twice a day.




Serúdla (Pale Murderer)

ST: 15-50 Move/Dodge: 8/6 Size: 5-12
DX: 15 PD/DR: 5/5 Weight:1-10 tons
IQ: 6 Damage: 2d-1 cut + acid
HT: 14/25-80 Reach: C, 1-2 Habitats: F, M, Sub

These large lizards are not always hostile; roll reaction normally. Their forearms can wield weapons. Only the Ghatóni can train them, though. They can spit acid, being able to cover a 2 yard radius with their corrosive saliva (Skill 14, SS 12, A+2, Max ST yd.). Anyone in the center hex must make a HT roll or take 3d damage (armor does not protect); those in the surrounding hexes take 1d on a failed HT roll. Those who make there HT roll take 2 points of damage. They can do this 3 times in a day, taking 4 hours to recover each time. This attack cannot be blocked or parried, only dodged. They can bite for 2d-1 cutting and the victim also takes 1d+1 from acid saliva. Their claws do 3d+2 cutting damage. Use weapon damage when using weapons.

IMAGE OF Serudla

Ghatóni War Serúdla


Sró (Dragon-King)

ST: 40-70 Move/Dodge: 18/6# Size: 10-25
DX: 14 PD/DR: 4/6 Weight: to 10 tons
IQ: 6 Damage: 3d-1 imp.
HT: 15/25-90 Reach: C Habitats: M, Sub

These reptilian creatures, similar to Oriental dragons, can walk, swim and fly. They have six legs, small arms, toothy beaks, and are semi-intelligent. They are usually alone, but occasionally travel in pairs. A sró can use weapons, often two huge swords. They like to collect treasure, and offers of jewels may help parties avoid being attacked. They have Move 6 on the ground. Its bite does 3d-1 impaling, its claws do 3d cutting, its tail strike does 3d crushing, or it can sweep with its tail (quick Contest of DX or fall down and 1d crushing damage) or use the Dragon rules from Fantasy Bestiary for sró of different sizes.



Vringálu (Flying Snake)

ST: 12-18 Move/Dodge: 20/10# Size: 2-6
DX: 13 PD/DR: 2/3 Weight:50-300 lbs.
IQ: 3 Damage: 1d-1 cut
HT: 13/17-21 Reach: C Habitats: J, S

This ferocious indigo feathered snake-like flying creature never checks morale. Its bite does 1d-1 cutting damage plus a contact poison that causes a rotting gangrene: treat as Type B poison: 2d+1 damage. A Cure Disease spell or Tsurál buds, an herbal flower, applied within 3 minutes will neutralize the poison. Their wings are used to make fine leather armor, so each wing is worth $400 from the leather armorer's clans. They have Move 2 on the ground.

image of Vringalu

Vringálu and Victim


The following creatures have not had complete descriptions written for them. They are mostly a collection of notes, but still useful.


Huru'u (Howler)

ST: 10-15 Move/Dodge: 5/5 Size: 1
DX: 10 PD/DR: 1/2 Weight:150-300 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d cut
HT: 11-13 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

These spectral undead wander the underworld, howling loudly; they can be heard for 70 yards. When creature howls, those within 3 yards are deafened until the battle is over. After the battle, make a HT roll as if hearing has been crippled (see p. B129). They fear fire and will flee. Anyone slain by a Huru'u and later resurrected must make a HT roll or lose 1 HT permanently. Claws do 1d cutting, bite does 1d-1 cutting.

Hyahyu'u (Whooper)

ST: 10-15 Move/Dodge: 8/7 Size: 2
DX: 14 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:150-350 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d cut
HT: 12-15 Reach: C,1 Habitats: P, F, M*

Six legged, shaggy black creature with three eyes, spiny crest, and a long oval head. They fight only if they outnumber the party by six or more. They always flee from Pachi Lei. Claws 1d cut, bite 1d-1 cut. Packs. Hyaa-hyuu sound.

Kheshchal (Plumed Bird)

ST: 1-3 Move/Dodge: 25/10# Size: &LT; 1
DX: 13 PD/DR: 0/0 Weight:6-8 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d-4 cut
HT: 12/3-5 Reach: C Habitats: F, J

Semi-intelligent bird with beautiful plumage, valued for decorating costumes and armor. Usually flee from humans. Worth 100-1000K for plumage, 200-2000K alive. Move 3 on ground.

Krua (Slasher of the Deeps)

ST: 18-24 Move/Dodge: 5/5 Size: 3-75
DX: 11 PD/DR: 5/5 Weight:1/2 - 20 tons
IQ: 3 Damage: 2d cr.*
HT: 12/14-80 Reach: C, 1-3# Habitats: FW, SW

Six legged crustacean with two large fighting claws. Thick shell. Repelled by blood. Attack one person at a time. If more attack, it will scurry away with victim to a secluded place to feed. Attack with one claw, if successful, grappled til free, then attack with other claw until the victim is dead. One claw has the rated ST and does crushing damage (2d), while the other has 1/3 less ST and does cutting damage (1d). Move 9 in water. Solitary, thankfully. The thick shell is Invulnerable to arrows.

Kurgha (Eaters of Carrion)

ST: 8-12 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 2
DX: 12 PD/DR: 1/2 Weight:50-150 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d-2 cut
HT: 14/8-12 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

Six-legged, shaggy, carrion-eaters have three eyes and sharp beaks. Attack only if they outnumber party. Areas with dead creatures often have Kurgha nearby. Bite is very dirty; anyone bitten must roll against HT for possible infection (p. B116). These creatures have a very bad stench, smellable up to 16 yds, even through doors. All within 5 yds. are at -2 DX. Bite 1d-2 cut.

Kuruku (Small Giggler)

ST: 3-7 Move/Dodge: 9/7 Size: 1-2
DX: 14 PD/DR: 0/1 Weight:20-60 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d-3 cut
HT: 12/4-8 Reach: C Habitats: F, J, S

These six-legged animals have a pair of arms with hands below their short faced heads. They are curious beasts who collect bright objects. If they see something interesting amoung a group of passersby, they will attempt to steal it. If they succeed, they run away, giggling very humanly as they go. On a roll of 8-, they will drop the item if pursued. They will never attack, running away if approached. [size/speed mods]

Lrí (Flying Stinging Creature)

ST: 20-25 Move/Dodge: 20/10 Size: 2
DX: 14 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:100-150 lbs.
IQ: 2 Damage: 1d imp.*
HT: 15/18-22 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: F, M, M*

These flying insectoids are related to the Hluss. Their tail sting can paralyze, whereupon the Lri will grapple the victim and fly away to feed its young. Victim will be eaten in 30 minutes, unless the lair is found. Paralysis is curable by Major Healing spell or Eye of Healing. It takes two days to recover from paralysis. Move 3 on ground. The tail venom is Type D venom, except a HT-3 roll avoids paralysis, but is at -2 DX for 3 days. Claws do 1d+1 cr. on a successful grapple (quick Contest of DX). Bite does 1d-1 cut. Contest of ST to break free of claws. Treat as ST/2 if a claw is crippled.

Mnór (Shaggy Insect Creature)

ST: 12-16 Move/Dodge: 8/7 Size: 2
DX: 14 PD/DR: 5/7# Weight:60-125 lbs.
IQ: 2 Damage: 1d-1 cut*
HT: 10-16 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: D, M, M*

These semi-intelligent furry insects have twenty legs and large compound eyes. They usually run away, but if cornered will fight to the death. They bite for 1d-1 cutting and can also use clubs (2d cr.). They collect bright objects. If an eye is shattered (2 damage aimed at eye), they will flee. Treat any impaling hit that penetrates armor as a hit to the vitals.

Mrúr (Undead)

ST: 9-19 Move/Dodge: 5/5 Size: 1
DX: 11 PD/DR: 2/2# Weight:100-250 lbs.
IQ: 6 Damage: *
HT: 13/10-18 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

Always attack, never check morale. Weapons, claws (1d cut) or bite (1d-1 cut). Regenerate 1 HT per 10 seconds unless burned. Can wear armor.

Mu'agh (Jellyfish)

ST: - Move/Dodge: 1/0 Size: 1-7
DX: - PD/DR: 0/0 Weight:50-400 lbs.
IQ: 1 Damage: *
HT: 12/12-80 Reach: C Habitats: Sub, S

Lives in dark, damp places. This creature exudes an acid that eats though metal in 5 seconds. damage caused is permanent. Chlen hide is immune to this acid. These creatures are vulnerable to fire and cold. Acid does 1 damage per turn. Metal armor loses 1 PD and DR per 3 seconds. At PD 0/DR 0, armor falls apart. Only one piece of armor at a time, if piecemeal. Metal weapons drop one quality level (Very Fine to Fine to Average to Cheap to broken) in 3 seconds. Three hits on a Mu'agh with a metal weapon will also reduce quality one level. Impaling and cutting weapons are not multiplied. Ignore impaling weapons.

Nenyelu (Eel Fish)

ST: 6-12 Move/Dodge: 7/6 Size: 2-3
DX: 12 PD/DR: 1/2 Weight:75-150 lbs.
IQ: 3 Damage: 1d-2 cut
HT: 8-14 Reach: C Habitats: FW, SW

Black eel with sharp fins, small arms with hands, snake-like head. They can wield (1d-2 cr) or throw stones (1d-3 cr). Their bite does 1d-2 cutting and is poisonous (Type C: 2d).

Ngayu (Eater of Swords)

ST: 15-22 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 2-3
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:300-500 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 2d-1 cut*
HT: 13/16-20 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

These six-legged creatures have two strong claws that do 2d-1 cut, and secrete an acid that eats metal, shoot up to 7 yds.

Ngrutha (Leech)

ST: 18-24 Move/Dodge: 6/5 Size: 7
DX: 11 PD/DR: 4/5 Weight:1 ton
IQ: 3 Damage: *
HT: 14-17 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: S

These creatures have eight legs with suckers on the tips and a sharp thin proboscis. They will grapple a victim with their legs and insert their proboscis to suck body fluids. They usually leap out of the water, getting Surprise or Total Surprise (p. B122). They are never surprised. Attacks on sight. Treat attack as slam with grapple. Next it tries to insert proboscis. 1d imp. If it doesn't penetrate, it searches for an opening in the armor. 10- each turn. Does 1d impailing going in. 1d-1 cut coming out - contest of ST to remove. Once inserted, drains 1 HT each 3 seconds.

Qaqtla (Swamp Snake)

ST: 12-24 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1-3
DX: 14 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:50-250 lbs.
IQ: 3 Damage: 1d+2 cut*
HT: 15/15-30 Reach: C Habitats: S

Scaly armored snake, always attacks with no morale check. Often have lairs. Tail whip does 1d+2 cut and injects Type B venom: 2d+1. Solitary or in pairs. Very aggressive. Bite does 1d cutting damage.

Qumqum (Thunderer)

ST: 25-35 Move/Dodge: 6/7 Size: 2
DX: 14 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:100-300 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 5d+1 cut or cr.
HT: 13/40-60 Reach: 2-3 Habitats: Sub

This creatures are invisible to most beings, though not to Pe Choi (see Invisibility in Combat, p. MXX). The thunderous noise they make when they move can be heard for 100-200 yards. They attack with a heavy poleaxe, originally forged by the Brethren of the Scarlet Nail, a sect of Sarku. They can be forced away with fire, or an Eye of Detestation or Command. They have +3 Strong Will.

Shanu'u (Flying Carnivore)

ST: 20-30 Move/Dodge: 20/10# Size: 7-10
DX: 13 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:500-1000 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d+2 cut
HT: 15/15-25 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: F, M, M*

These furry, warm-blooded carnivores are related to the Hlaka. Very long tail. Controllable by Hlaka (1-6 controlled for 3 minutes on IQ-2 roll). Speed 8/6 on the ground.

Shedra (Eater of the Dead)

ST: 15-20 Move/Dodge: 5/5 Size:
DX: 10 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d+2 cut
HT: 13/10-16 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

These creatures are flesh-eating undead, grey and shrivelled, who wander searching for food. They often have steel weapons. Anyone killed becomes Shedra in 2 minutes unless Remove Curse is cast. Once they are Shedra, only a Wish or Divine Intervention can return them to life. Claws do 1d+2 cut, bite does 1d cut. Their bite is very dirty; HT roll to avoid infection.

Teqeqmu (Flying Fungoid Creature)

ST: 13-20 Move/Dodge: 15/7 Size: 1-7
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:50-350 lbs.
IQ: 2 Damage: *
HT: 15/25-50 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: F, J, S, M*

These creatures are brownish-green spongy bags of gas. They attack by dropping into a group and emitting poison gas - 2 yd. radius. They have a central whip-like tentacle (1d+1 cr.). They regenerate 1 HT per 10 seconds whe killed, unless burned. Move 2 on ground. Treat gas as Type F respiratory poison doing 1d+1 damage per turn. 7 hex area. Anyone breathing the gas must make a roll at HT-6 or take damage. Teqeqmu is immune to its own poison. Outdoors, the cloud dissipates in 3 turns. In smaller areas, such as caves, 10 turns. Smaller ones have 2 charges of gas and larger ones have 6. It takes two hours to regenerate one charge of gas.

Thunru'u (Eater of Eyes)

ST: 16-20 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1
DX: 14 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:200 lbs.
IQ: 5 Damage: 1d+1 cut
HT: 13/20-30 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

These rubbery humanoids have 2 large eyes, a sharp beak, and rolls of pale skin that appears from a distance as robes. They eat eyes, preferring the Kayi, but they will settle for human eyes as well. They always attack, unless repelled by Tsural buds. They may be servants of mages, Change priests, or warriors, as they can be controlled by a variety of spells and eyes. Beak does 1d cut, punch does 1d cr.

Tletlakha (Mouth with Eyes)

ST: 25 Move/Dodge: 6/6 Size: 1
DX: 11 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:50-150 lbs.
IQ: 3 Damage: 1d+2 cut
HT: 13/16-20 Reach: C Habitats: FW, SW

Fanged mouth surrounded by six eyes, a stomach and a small tail. A thick ridge of spines protects the eyes. These creatures glom on to a victim, attaching themselves with their sharp teeth; treat as a grapple. They automatically hit once they have attached. Once killed or removed, a Surgery roll is required to remove the teeth, or take an additional 1d+2 damage.

Tsi'il (Giant Herbivore)

ST: 40-60 Move/Dodge: 3-5 Size: 6-10
DX: 10 PD/DR: 4/5 Weight:1-3 tons
IQ: 3 Damage: 2d imp.
HT: 15/25-35 Reach: C-2 Habitats: P, F, J

These gentle, passive herbivores will walk away unless attacked. They have a horny carapace, spiked crest and jagged spiked growths on their backs, and a spiked mace-like tail. They are hunted for a gland which secretes a repellent for many marine creatures, including Haqel, Tletlakha (3 min. effect, repels on a 13-). Normal attack is to turn back and swing tail in any rear hex or adjacent hex for 2d imp. Gland is worth 200K to 4000K.

Tsoggu (Drowned One)

ST: 12-15 Move/Dodge: 5/6 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:150 lbs.
IQ: 3 Damage: 1d cut
HT: 12/15-18 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: FW, SW

These humanoid creatures look like a drowned corpse and smell like it too. Their white eyes have no pupils and they can paralyze anyone who looks them in the eye. Major Heal or Eye of Healing needed. Make a Will roll to avoid looking at them. If using a mirror to see them, attacks are at -5. Attacks are at -10 if eyes are closed. The Tsoggu is not paralysed by its own sight. Appear singly or in pairs. Tsoggu store mana in their eyes and can cast the Total Paralysis spell at skill level 16 only when looked in the face. Bite does 1d-1 cut, claw does 1d cut.

Tsu'uru (Illusion Master)

ST: 18-22 Move/Dodge: 6/7 Size: 1
DX: 13 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:200 lbs.
IQ: 9 Damage: 1d+2 cr.
HT: 14/25-30 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

These treasure guards of the ancients are related to the Marashyalu. They can use Mind-Reading to create an Illusion Disguise that the party will most likely believe - waiting until an opportune moment to attack. They will maintain the illusion until slain. Their natural appearance is that of a bundle of ropey tentacles and a central brain stem. They are immune to spells, ESP, or telepathy that would reveal their true nature. Tentacles 1d+2 cr.

Vorodla (Flying Undead)

ST: 10-20 Move/Dodge: 20/10# Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 2/3 Weight:100-250 lbs.
IQ: 6 Damage: 1d+1 cut
HT: 13/16-20 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

These dusty black undead which stay near tombs were created by the Temple of Ksarul as tomb sentries. They are Zombies reconstructed into a new form. They have large leathery wings and fight without checking morale until chopped up. Night Vision. Move 3 on ground. Bite does 1d-1 cut, claw does 1d+1 cut regenerate 1 HT per 6 seconds; -2 DX in daylight. Any hit has 8- chance of reducing ST by 1d, recovered at 1 per day.

Yeleth (Angel of Doom)

ST: 7-9 Move/Dodge: 5/6 Size: 1
DX: 13 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:120 lbs.
IQ: 6 Damage: *
HT: 15-20 Reach: C Habitats: Sub

These white-skinned, dark-haired androids are very beautiful. They come in both male and female types. They can Charm up to six individuals of the opposite sex, and make them fight their compatriots or paralyze them permanently. Their eyes store 30 points of mana for casting Charm at level 16. The Eye of Healing or a Remove Curse spell is effective at eliminating the paralysis. Punch 1d-3 cr. Bite 1d-3 cut.

Zrné (Barbed One)

ST: 16-20 Move/Dodge: 9/7 Size: 3
DX: 15 PD/DR: 2/2 Weight:120-200 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d+2 cut*
HT: 15/24-30 Reach: C Habitats: F, J

These six-legged creatures have a hideous head with sharp barbed teeth. Their tough hide is usually Invulnerable to arrows. Their teeth break off in the wound and will poison the victim in 2 minutes (Type B: 3d) unless removed (additional 1d damage, unless successful First Aid or Surgery roll).